Spicing Things Up with On-Location Photography

Looking for a way to stand out from your competition? Getting tired of the same-old product shots and want a bit more diversity in your photos? Consider investing in on-location photography!

What is on-location photography?

On-location photography (or a location shoot) is when a photographer travels to an outdoor and remote location to take pictures, as opposed to staying inside a studio.

On-location photography is often much harder to execute than studio photography, as factors such as lighting, weather, curious passer-bys and safety are largely out of their control.

Despite its difficulties, many professional photographers believe on-location photography to be extremely rewarding and worthwhile, due to the many advantages over regular studio photography.

What are the benefits of on-location photography?

Although challenging, there are many benefits to on-location photography which may help improve your business’ brand and work culture. Whether it be for your website, promotional materials or product pictorials, location shooting can assist with:

  • Producing immersive images

We often hear that a picture is worth a thousand words, so it is integral that the pictures displayed on your business’ products are of the highest quality. On-location photography can upgrade your pictures by providing viewers with a more immersive and natural experience, as they can easily relate to the backgrounds used.

For example, outdoor location shoots are perfect for sportswear photography, as sportswear is often worn outside and a bright sunny day as a background may help complete the energetic vibe your pictures are going for.

  • Telling your story

Every business has a story worth telling. Using on-location photography can help with explaining your business to customers and clients, as the real scenery in your photos can showcase your business’ work environment as well as your general brand direction.

  • Adding pictorial variety

Studio photography can be bland and uninteresting, especially when most businesses use studio photography for most of their pictorial work. To make sure your business is memorable to the casual passer-by, take advantage of on-location photography and make use of the limitless and diverse backdrops you have in mother nature.

  • Making for a fun team-bonding excursion

Photographers are often cooped up in their studios every day, not only when taking pictures but also when editing and fine-tuning them. Unfortunately, the same can be said for many business’ employees, especially if they work from an office space.

Taking part in an outdoor location shoot may be the fun and bonding excursion your team needs to remain inspired and enthusiastic about their work. Watching their hard work come to life at a location shoot will certainly be an unforgettable experience for your team.

When to choose on-location photography?

The many benefits to on-location photography are certainly tempting for many businesses – however, not all businesses may have the resources to take on the challenges of on-location photography. On-location photography requires extensive visionary planning and may be more costly than studio photo shoots as more transport is involved.

However, in the case that you are looking for a Sydney photographer and believe on-location photography to be the best way to propel your business forward, consider our expert photography services here at Design Identity!

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