Why Marketing Videos Work

Why Marketing Videos work for our clients

You don’t need to know how to produce videos to include them in your marketing mix – you just need to know people who do. That’s where we come in. As a promo video creator, we’ve got the creative direction and strategy expertise to manage the production process from start to finish and get your marketing video right.

Why Should I use Video to Sell my Products?      

Tech advancements and faster internet speeds have led to videos now appearing in 70% of the top 100 search result listings. And with buyers up to 84% more likely to purchase a product after watching a video, it might be time for you to consider marketing videos as part of your overall advertising strategy. As well as showing the physical attributes of your products in motion, a strategically created videography shoot can be the key to helping your buyer envision themselves using your product.

Take a look at this videography and photography shoot for a travel bag and accessory brand that we recently produced from go to whoa!

The Client

A company that has been committed to developing and evolving their range of quality travel luggage products to suit the everyday commuter through to the long-haul traveller.

The Product

The travel and commuter luggage designed largely in shades of grey fits in with its environment, no matter the location. With a wide range of stylish, lightweight and durable travel bags and accessories that cater for every type of traveller, it was important that this was reflected in the final videos and imagery from this shoot. Focusing on the minimalist and functional aspect of the products, we built a theme around simplicity to fully capture this idea.

The Location

As a full-service creative agency based in the inner suburbs, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to recording videos in Sydney. From our dedicated studio space to the amazing and diverse outdoor environs Sydney has to offer, we can always find the right location that aligns with your brand’s message. This project saw our talented team out on location in the new-look suburb of Barangaroo in Sydney’s CBD. The sleekness and elegance of the new, modern precinct was perfect to communicate the product’s uses and brand personality of our client.

The Set-Up

There are many complexities involved in a shoot like this. But we keep it simple for our clients by using an in-house team of videographers, photographers, editors and graphic designers. We also work closely with modelling agencies and make-up artists, with our creative director and team managing the entire process with meticulous attention and care.

Working to our client’s brief, we also combined a photography shoot with the videography. This helped to enhance the brand’s message and ensured a consistent and uniform approach to their overall advertising and marketing campaign. You can rely on communication from us to ensure you get the videos and images you need to place firm focus on your products.

Post-Production and Editing

We’re Sydney’s post-production and video editing specialists. These steps are the final piece in the puzzle to make sure your product is front and centre and accurately represented in all marketing videos. Using techniques such as retouching and including music can add an extra dimension to your final video. Video can enhance your brand personality and values in a way that’s more unique and effective than just a photograph.

Be seen online. Video is here to stay

There is no shortage of businesses online who want to sell to your customer. Enhance your product promotion with video and give the buyer a new perspective. Make them take action.

Talk to us to find out how marketing videos can get your product that extra bit of attention and boost sales.

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