Professional Product Photography – Images That Boost Sales!

Why Professional Product Photography Trumps DIY

Product photography on websites has come a long way in the past decade. From grainy images with size issues through to DIY using lightboxes bought from e-Bay – we’ve seen it all.

And so, has your customer.

But they want more. They need more.

And this is where professional product photography comes in.

Consumer Expectations Have Changed

Consumers expect a lot more these days. They’re now looking for an online replication of their in-store buying experience. We joked a little with our headline. This is about more than social media photography. This comes down to the livelihood of your business and giving your customers what they want so they can feel confident in hitting that ‘buy now’ button.

And if you’re not giving them what they want, they’ll find someone who will. Competition is fierce out there – here are some ways that professional product photography can improve the buying experience and make your product a hero.

Consistent Images That Align With Your Brand

If you’ve been in business for some time, it’s highly likely you’ve developed a sense of style that is decidedly, you. Using production techniques such as lighting, background, and editing, we can ensure that images fit seamlessly into the style you’ve created for your brand. We produce first-class imagery infused with your personality that breaks through the noise and speaks to your target market.

Attention to Detail and a New Perspective

Styled product photography is the new normal for presenting your products online. A single one-dimensional image just won’t cut it anymore. By creating a realistic representation of every contour, edge, button or buckle, you’ll build confidence with your buyers. We understand the focal points your customer needs to see. Our images give them the ability to imagine how it would look and feel in person.

Texture of the product

Create Ideas for use with Props and Accessories

Often used with flat lay photography, we position complementary items with the hero product to promote creative imagination on how your product can be used. If your product range allows, we can use your items to work together with the primary product.

Props can help embellish the product

Keep it In-House and Control the Environment

Our Sydney photography studio has been designed so we have complete control over all aspects needed to produce successful and effective imagery. Starting with the creative and strategic direction, and all the way through to the final editing of your images, we engineer the perfect balance of texture, contrast, lighting and composition.

If you’re ready to provide an in-store experience online, speak to us about how professional product photography can work for your business.

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