Everything You Need To Know About 360° Photography

Owning an online business can be challenging, let alone within the increasingly competitive eCommerce industry.

As technology develops and the demand for online shopping grows, retail businesses are turning towards investing in their platform – rather than solely in their products – to make sure that their customers’ experiences are always a good one.

But how exactly can your business stand out from the crowd? At Design Identity, we recommend 360° photography.

What is 360° photography?

360° photography (360-degree product photography) is when a photo depicts its subject in a panoramic manner and encircles the original point from which the photo was taken.

A 360° photo is usually controllable (by viewers) and simulates the in-body shopping experience by providing shoppers with zoomable right, left, up and down perspectives on the product. 360° photography is considered an upgrade to traditional static images.

How can 360° photography help your business?

If you are an eCommerce retailer looking to improve our online platform and grow your business, investing in 360° photography may be an option worth considering. 360° photography can provide your business with a wide range of benefits:

  1.      Improves overall user experience

360° photos are immersive and encourage user interaction as customers browse through your products. Unique, high-definition and engaging 360° photos will make your business more memorable for your customers.

  1.      Increases your website’s ability to generate leads

The more time a customer spends on your website browsing through your detailed 360° photos, the more likely they are to convert into a purchasing customer.

  1.      Builds credibility and trust for your brand

360° photography grants your customers a more thorough look at your products (over a still photo) before purchasing, hence building your brand’s credibility.

  1.      Helps with search engine rankings and website clicks

360° photos can be used with your advertising avenues such as Google My Business. As your 360° images increase in views, traffic to your website and your platform ranking on search engines will also improve.

Behind the scenes of 360° photography

Although simple in terms of visual aesthetic, the behind the scenes of high-quality 360° photography can be incredibly complex. To create a successful 360° product photography system, business owners need to invest in two key components:

  1.      360° photography equipment, and
  2.      360° product photography software.

Basic 360° photography equipment is generally standardised and includes a high definition camera, studio lights, a rotating turntable, 360° viewer and plain background spaces.

In contrast, there are more 360° photography software options available for different types of eCommerce platforms as the space continues to develop. 360° photography software simplifies the photo-taking process for eCommerce businesses with most software offering batch image editing and processing, 360° image capture and other automated output processes. Investing in the right 360° photography software can make things easier and more efficient for online retail businesses in the long run.

Looking to invest in 360° photography but don’t have the time nor the budget to research and purchase all the required equipment and software? Why not try our 360° virtual room photography services?

Here at Design Identity, we produce high-quality 360° product photos for your business at affordable price points, all the while simplifying the photography process for you! Learn more about our services offered here!

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