A Creative Start to 2021!


We pride ourselves when working with incredible companies that have strong values like us when it comes to supporting Australian owned and made businesses and sustainability.

The products were placed in a composition that allows each product to correspondingly showcase its formula. The high angle shot captures the layout with each skincare having its own moment to shine.

Having the product’s formula either spread or dolloped on the background is a great way to aesthetically showcase the products. The neutral earthy background colour scheme simply compliments the products and the brand. Just the simple parts of a shoot that may seem like they aren’t important are key to us.


For this fresh and creative campaign shoot we collaboratively worked with a nail polish brand and shoe company in our studio in Alexandria. Our photographers we able to capture the setting of being by the pool or on a night out with the use of styling. This modelled flat lay emphasises this notion of creating an atmosphere that captures the audience. The styling had a focus on allowing the bold and vibrant colours of the nail polish to stand out while seamlessly working with the shoes and styled flat lay.


Want to photograph swimwear but not sure how you want the pieces to stand out? Here at Design Identity we allow for the clothing or product to always be at the forefront.

The tonal contrast between the shadows and lighting allows the model to come forth showing the swimwear in an elegant style. Photographed in our Alexander studio, we’re able to alter the studio to achieve the wanted background and lighting. Having a light and bright background with the white prop draws the focus to the clothing and allowing the model to glow. Our aim is to ensure the model and clients are relaxed and having an enjoyable time in studio with available beverages, music getting the energy pumping and changing rooms available.


At Design Identity the team is delighted to photograph rugs as its always wonderful to see the intriguing details and unique designs go from a large product to on screen. Using a tripod extended up to capture high angle shots is what allows the photographers to get the entire rug in the one shot. This is then retouched to create the rug to be perceived as if its hanging.

Our focus during this shoot was all about the angles. With the perfect camera angles the rugs are able to look clean, with no skewed lines. The close-up shots on the rugs depict the exceptional quality and unique details that could otherwise be missed when looking at the rug as a whole. Throughout the shoot we made sure the colour was continuously matched to ensure the colours are vibrant and bold in the photographs.


Combining tones of vibrancy and neutrality, this photoshoot for a high-end fashion brand was captured at our Design Identity Alexandria Studio last December, aiming to integrate a playful yet elegant and classic mood.

A neutral top and white jean outfit was shot against a radiant and energetic red background, complimented with confetti to create a luminous ambience. Each shot was carefully curated to highlight each garment and its best features, as well as the brand’s personality.


Dainty, polished and elegant pieces of jewellery mean paying close attention to how the items are photographed. This eCommerce photography shoot allows the jewellery pieces to jump out of the screen by being the main focus.

Having a bright white background allows for no distractions as the shoppers are able to easily see the jewellery’s details. The white background and bright lighting also allow for a simple and consistent product page, making the buyers shopping experience easy and clear.


Another approach to strengthen your online website is with unrecognisable model photography. This allows the clothing to be the main focus while being able to see how the pieces sit on the body.

Perfect for any type of apparel, here we can see this method used on dresses and more longer items. Allowing online shoppers to see how the garments drape across the body while being able to visualise the product and how it would look on them.


Were you interested in ghost mannequin photography to strengthen your online website? We’ve got you sorted.

Here are some examples of a ghost shoot that we completed last month which is a perfect example on how we’re able to capture and edit ghost photography without losing the shape or colour. The vibrant pattern designs along with more neutral tonal pieces paired with a stylish sleek silhouette needs its own moment to shine when seen on the online platform. Send us a test clothing and we’re sure you’ll continue to want ghost mannequin photography for your website!

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